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Daily Analysis of Stock Market – NIFTY – 25th July 2019

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Today on the expiry of 25th July 2019 Nifty loses its gain early in the market and unable to beat bears and the Nifty closed down by 19.15 points or loses -0.17% after the continuous fall of the sixth day even of expiry. Nifty today opened higher and made high of 11361.40 low 11239.35 were yesterday’s close was 11271.30.   

Nifty Hourly Chart: 25th July 2019

Today’s market was shown that no recovery is there in the market and closed in negative. Nifty closed in Inverted bearish hammer candle which is showing that room is open for downside in the coming days. Still, our measure support for the Nifty is 11108.30.

Above is a Nifty’s hourly chart and it is continuing in falling trend which can we see in the chart. Now 11230 is immediate support for the Nifty and if it is broken then sharp fall we can see in the market and then the next support will be 11,108.30.

Nifty AdvancesNifty Declines

As per our expectation, Nifty expires below 11450 and above 11120.

Trading range for 26 July 2019 Nifty 50

Upside Resistance- 11328.55, 11405, 11525.70

Downside Support- 11207.80, 11163.45, 11042.70    

Top 5 Nifty Gainer and Loser  



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