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Weightage of Stocks in Bank Nifty – February 2024

Weightage of Stocks in Bank Nifty

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If you are a trader in the Indian Stock Market, you must have a watch on the various indices like Nifty 50, Bank Nifty, Fin Nifty, and a few more. But the most volatile is the Bank Nifty, which represents the performance of the banking sector on the National Stock Exchange. In this article, we will share insights about the weightage of stocks in Bank Nifty.

Bank Nifty Overview

Bank Nifty, a key index of the National Stock Exchange (NSE), represents the top banking stocks in India. It is tracked all around the world for the performance of the Indian banking sector. Knowing the weightage of each constituent stock in this index is important for anyone interested in trading the Futures and Options of Bank Nifty.

Weightage of Stocks in Bank Nifty – Feb 2024

As we step into 2024, here’s a detailed look at the weightage of stocks in Bank Nifty Index:

  1. HDFC Bank Ltd – At the top, HDFC Bank holds the highest weightage of Stocks in Bank Nifty at 26.41%. Its position underlines the bank’s substantial market capitalization and its important role in the banking sector.
  2. ICICI Bank Ltd – With a weightage of 24.45%, ICICI Bank stands as a significant contributor to the Bank Nifty Index, reflecting its strong market presence.
  3. State Bank of India – As the largest public sector bank, SBI’s weightage of 10.33% is a testament to its size and influence in the Indian banking landscape.
  4. Axis Bank Ltd – Holding a weightage of 10.05%, Axis Bank’s position in the index highlights its steady market performance and investor confidence.
  5. Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd – With a 9.96% share in the index, Kotak Mahindra Bank continues to be a key player, contributing substantially to Bank Nifty’s movements.
  6. IndusInd Bank Ltd – Marking a weightage of 6.47%, IndusInd Bank’s role in the index signifies its growing prominence in the banking sector.
  7. Bank of Baroda – With a weightage of 2.94%, Bank of Baroda’s presence reflects its importance among public sector banks.
  8. Punjab National Bank – With a weightage of 2.17%, PNB entered into the Bank Nifty Index this month.
  9. Federal Bank Ltd – With a 2.11% weightage, Federal Bank adds to the diversity and comprehensive nature of the Bank Nifty Index.
  10. IDFC First Bank Ltd – Rounding off the list with a weightage of 2.05%, IDFC First Bank’s position indicates its steady growth and potential in the banking sector.


In February 2024, understanding the weightage of stocks in Bank Nifty is vital for traders, especially in futures and options. It influences index movements, aids in risk management and strategic decision-making, informs hedging strategies, provides insights into the banking sector’s health, and helps in effective portfolio diversification to avoid concentration risks.

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