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Top 5 Shares Which Rocked The Dalal Street This Week – 6th Nov 2020

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This week was a very volatile week although the market reached a new high after the covid-19 lockdown. Our levels which were given in the Daily Analysis of the Nifty would surely have helped you to trade this week. There were lots of results coming out and the important event of the USA presidential election. There is no clear outcome of the election, but Joe Biden is leading as of now.

Nifty 50 Chart

[stock_market_widget type=”chart” template=”basic” color=”#5679FF” assets=”^NSEI” range=”5d” interval=”1h” axes=”true” cursor=”true” range_selector=”true” api=”yf”]

We have considered Nifty 200 as our benchmark to find the Top 5 stocks which rocked the Dalal street this week.

Stocks NameCloseOpenChange% Change
Indusind Bank738.65585.70152.9526.11%
Shriram Trans. Fin.846.40693.45152.9522.06%
State Bank of India219.20189.2529.9515.83%
Bandhan Bank330.90289.4541.4514.32%
Bajaj Finance3780.753309.00471.7514.26%
Close as of 6th Nov and Open as of 1st Nov

Suprisingly, all the top 5 stocks in the list are Banking and Finance stocks. This huge rally from this sector helped a lot to move Nifty to near all time high. Indusind bank had a merger news with Kotak Bank where as SBI posted very good numbers in Q2.

Top 5 Gainers of the Week

[stock_market_widget type=”accordion” template=”chart” color=”#5679FF” assets=”INDUSINDBK.NS,SRTRANSFIN.NS,SBIN.NS,BANDHANBNK.NS,BAJFINANCE.NS” start_expanded=”false” api=”yf” chart_range=”5d” chart_interval=”1h”]

On the other side, Reliance Power, UPL, MRPL, Ambuja Cement, and Reliance Capital are the Top 5 losing stocks in Nifty 200. Reliance Industries also had a huge fall of 9% on Monday, but later the stock covered up.


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